Matching Manicure – Flowers Spring


Lately, I really like when I see stamping with holographic polishes. I thought that the more expensive polish is, the bigger is a chance that it will be good for stamping, so I mostly tried with China Glaze and Layla polishes but it was unsuccessful. Since there were few sunny days in a row, I paid more attention to my holo polishes and remembered that I have a whole Perfect Holographic collection (yes, I forgot about it). It worked on the first try and I stamped flowers which were the theme for this week Matching Manicure.


This week, the theme for Matching Manicure is spring. Since we did flower last week and I already planned pastel colors for next week, it was really hard to think of something to draw. They say that one swallow doesn’t make a spring, but I guess that seven swallows and one stork do :).

Busy Bee

I have been a really busy bee today, so I decided to show you new water decals that arrived from Born Pretty Store. A sheet full of bees.

Instructions for use are on the back of the sheet with decals, but, since I didn’t really understand them (obviously Google Translate had something to do with it), you can say that I followed steps 1-3 and they just applied top coat.

I also wanted to try out one more technique that I saw on some blogs, but I couldn’t remember a name of it or how to do it. The only thing I remember is that included use of business cards, so I tried to make squares on half-dry nail polish using an old business card. It’s not perfect but it still looks almost like a bee hive.

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