Beautiful nails can magically make a bad day so much better. Even when our heads are down, it’s hard to be too grumpy when we’re looking at some beautiful nail art on our hands. After all, our manicures are a fantastic way for us to showcase our interests and creativity and engage in a gorgeous form of personal expression. Judging on how far beautiful nail designs have come today, it’s not surprising that we let our hands do the talking — all over the world.

Why do beautiful nails matter?

Beautiful nail art has an impressively long and rich history. We may not know for sure when the first “manicure” ever took place, but we do know that back in ancient times, the Egyptians dyed their nails orange with henna. Then, during the Ming Dynasty in China, people who lived there came up with a recipe to color their nails using egg whites, beeswax, vegetable dyes, and Arabic gum. Meanwhile, the Romans used the remains of dead sheep to paint their nails pink. (Yuck! Aren’t you so glad we have modern nail polish today?)

Many of the ancient cultures used these nail polishes as symbols of class and significance, and of course, their options were limited back in those times. These days, we’re blessed to have a wide range of beautiful nail designs out there — and anyone who wants to can have beautiful nails. From elegant French manicures and short acrylic nails to kawaii Japanese nail art, so many cultures have shared this type of unique beauty with the world. It’s no wonder why so many people are inspired to come up with creative and beautiful nail art of their own — and why we’re so excited to share some of our favorite beautiful nails on the internet today.

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